Software Pemberi Harakat Teks Bahasa Arab

Free Tashkeel Software "Mishkal 
مشكال " برنامج تَشْكِيلُ النُّصُوصِ الْعَرَبِيَّةِ"


Free open source Software will help you "vowelize" your Arabic text, just put the text you want to put harakat on and click the button "تشكيل " you are done, This software will NOT help you to read Arabic (if you can't read it without harakat) remember this is an automatic software so it's not 100% accurate ( just like Google when it comes to literal translation ) you have to revise and edite your text manually after you finish tashkeel.

Uploaded By MasteringArabic
[download al3arabiya Arabic]
Online Tashkeel website:  1st website      2nd website

Download Mishkal (for Windows and linux)

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